Ownership Pays

As part of CHS, your local cooperative provides value-added programs, products, and services to all of its member-owners.

You Receive a Return

Member-owners receive annual dividends, which are allocated based on the type and amount of products and services each member uses.

You Have a Vote

Each member maintains ownership in CHS, giving them a voice – and a vote. You elect your producer member board, which guides your local CHS business unit. Your local CHS carries a specified number of votes with CHS, which are used to vote on all issues affecting CHS, including its articles, bylaws, board leadership and structure.  This helps to ensure that the cooperative will grow the way members want it to grow.

You Have a Team

As a member-owner of CHS, you have further input through your locally-elected producer member board of directors, which is composed of fellow producer member-owners.

Growing Together

CHS shares its economic success with its cooperative- and producer-owners by returning cash in the form of patronage and equity redemptions that helps them grow and contributes to vital rural communities. Cash distributions highlight the value the cooperative business model delivers to its stakeholders.

CHS has returned $2.7 billion in cash returns to owners over the past 10 years.

To apply for membership and patronage eligibility, please complete the form. The link can be found below. Once filled out, please print this form and mail to:
CHS Inc.
Patron Equities Dept.
MS 682
P.O. Box 64089
St. Paul, MN 55164

Click to download patronage form

All membership and patronage applications are subject to review and approval by the CHS Board of Directors under guidelines detailed in the CHS Membership Policy.

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