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Jeremy Imhoff

Hello everyone from the Elgin Southwest Grain location. I hope everyone’s summer is going well. On a personal note, I think it has gone way too fast! We are already into August; where did the summer go? It doesn’t help that we didn’t have much of a spring this year. I have to say, what a difference a year can make. Last year we couldn’t get a drop of rain and this year we were blessed with all kinds of moisture. The crops look very promising and, by the looks of it, the hay crop was very good too after what we had last year. Well onto business. With hay making in full swing, if you need any net wrap for baling this year, we offer 3 different sizes of net wrap. These are 64×7000, 64×8000, and 64×9000. They are the Pritchard brand. When you are done making hay and you want to know what kind of feed value you have in it, just give Kristine a call and she will come out and probe the bales and send it in for analysis. You can also collect the sample yourself and drop it off at the elevator and we can send it in for you too.

With the heat comes the flies, and they are bad this year. There are products available to help beat those little suckers. We offer an array of IGR lick tubs, IGR loose mineral, garlic salt blocks, garlic loose salt, and sprays to help combat those pesky flies. If you have any questions on these products, please stop in, or give us a call to answer any questions. I know with the rain this year the pastures are in pretty good shape, but I also want to mention that we have bulk creep available for the calves and we still offer delivery if anyone is interested. The other issue that is causing a lot of grey hair this year is grasshoppers and other insects eating the crops and hay. Our location has a variety of sprays to help with this. If you need the fields sprayed by custom applicators or applied by a plane, please stop in or call and we can line it up with our Lemmon location to get you taken care of.

Going into harvest now, it is time to service all the harvest equipment. Just a little friendly reminder that we have a good selection of Cenex oils, lubricants, and grease available to keep your equipment running correctly during harvest. If you are looking for any bulk fuel or any bulk oil you can al- ways contact Savannah Meier, or our Lemmon location and they can assist you with that. Lastly, we completed our summer fill for propane and home heat. If we missed you, or you weren’t on the list, just give a call and we can still fill you up before the snow flies. I hope everyone has safe and plentiful harvest this year.

Jeremy Imhoff, Manager Elgin SWG

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