October Is Co-op Month

October is National Cooperative MonthCHS is proud to announce that October is National Cooperative Month. After all, what better time could there be than during harvest to reflect on everything cooperatives do for the farmers and ranchers who own them? As you’re busy bringing in your harvest, consider how rural co-ops, empowered by the combined strength of its owners, ensure the steady supply of affordable inputs that make your crop possible.

Co-ops help fuel machinery, as well as your entire operation, by providing the diesel fuel, agronomic expertise, seed, fertilizers, financing and crop protection you need — thereby also helping to protect your bottom line. Co-ops also provide access to broader world markets, for higher profitability. Now more than ever, ag operations are technology driven, and once again the co-op is there to help you stay current.

Because the co-op is farmer-owned, you can trust it has your long-term interests in mind. And there’s no better proof than the ownership you receive just for doing business with a cooperative, as well as the reinvestment the co-op makes in order to serve your changing needs and stay relevant for generations.

Cooperatives build jobs, local communities and, ultimately, a stronger America. That’s revenue that stays in local communities rather than going to some out-of-state (or out-of-country) business conglomerate. It’s money that feeds the local economy, causing a ripple effect as it travels through the local equipment dealership, grocery store, bank, restaurant, church and so on. It helps keep our young people firmly planted in the area, and it’s money we use to invest in them so that they can become the community leaders of the future. It’s dollars we put toward ensuring the safety of everyone who lives here, and it’s extended toward schools, public outreach programs, infrastructure and other public initiatives that help keep our towns vibrant and alive.

While the annual celebration of the co-op may last only a month, the benefits of the cooperative system are there for you all year long.

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