Animal Nutrition Staff

CHS Southwest Grain has agronomy locations in Belfield, Dickinson, Elgin, Gladstone, Hettinger, Killdeer, Lemmon, New England, New Salem, Reeder, Regent and Richardton. Find location hours and contact information.

Caitlin Parker
Hettinger, ND
Animal Health & Agronomy

Dale Diede
Richardton, ND
Animal Health

Dean Schmeling
Killdeer, ND
Location Manager

Dustin Elkins
CHS Nutrition
Feed Sales Representative

Eric Bock
CHS Nutrition, Dickinson, ND
Location Manager

Heather Dykins
CHS Nutrition, Dickinson, ND
Feed Sales

Sarah Thompson
Lemmon, SD
Animal Health & Feed Sales

Kristine Koepplin
Elgin, ND & New Salem, ND
Animal Health, Feed Sales, & Veterinary Dispensary Tech

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