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Rumensin to Cows!

Heather Dykins, CHS Nutrition Consultant

t has been a while since I wrote about Rumensin and it is something that should not be forgotten in our cow mineral and the benefits it provides.

Supplementing Rumensin will not only help in the calves’ diets, but it also improves feed efficiency in the cows’ diets.  By improving the feed efficiency, it can decrease your hay use by 10-11%. Feeding Rumensin 2 weeks prior to calving suppresses the cows from shedding the cocci within their manure. The prevents the baby calves picking it up in the environment.  All it takes is one oocyte cell of cocci ingested by a baby calf for them to break with cocci.

Rumensin causes a shift in rumen bacterial bugs which increases the population of the good bugs.  If the bugs are happy, the cow is happy!  Rumensin fed at 200 mg/head/day will add 0.2 lbs/head/day to your ADG.  So, do not be worried what Rumensin will do for your herd because the benefits are endless.

Rumensin is the ONLY approved ionophore for use in mature beef cows that can kill coccidia at three different stages in their life cycle.  This is more effective at a lower dose compared to other ionophores on the market.  If this sounds like something you would like to add into your program, call me or your local SWG and we will get you set up!

Thank you for your business!

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