Grain Marketing Resources

Load Restrictions

Before hauling grain to a CHS Southwest Grain location, please check the current North Dakota & South Dakota State Department of Transportation websites for updated load restrictions & Department of Transportation regulations. 

Local Grain Marketing Information

Cash bid texts

CHS Southwest Grain offers daily cash bid text messages for Boyle, New Salem & Lemmon cash grain prices. These text messages are sent out three times per day to help producers see what the market is doing throughout the day. We offer these cash bid text messages to better help producers find marketing information relevant to western North Dakota.

Terminal update text messages

CHS Southwest Grain offers text message updates for our grain terminals. These text messages will contain info regarding: changes to hours, line length, problems, concerns and general updates by location.

Marketing presentations and classes

If you are interested in learning more about grain marketing or hedging, please contact the CHS Southwest Grain Boyle location.

Area resources

Here is a short list of grain marketing information relevant to our area.

North Dakota Grain Inspection

North Dakota Grain Inspection, or NDGI, is a federally designed lab that is licensed to sample and grade grain under the U.S. Grain Standards Act. CHS Southwest Grain works closely with NDGI to accurately grade the grain that we move through our locations. 

North Dakota State University

NDSU Projected Crop Budgets
The NDSU Projected Crop Budgets are a great resource and tailored to North Dakota regions. 

NDSU news releases
NDSU continuously releases new information about farm management. Find more articles regarding farm management in North Dakota.

NDSU truck weight calculator
NDSU has created a truck weight calculator to help you better determine the maximum legal weight you can load trucks to on North Dakota interstates and state highways. 

Wheat Quality Council

The Wheat Quality Council is a coordinated group effort of wheat producers, breeder, and processors to improve wheat and flour quality.

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