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Energy Division Report

Jared Bookhardt, Energy Manager

Now that you have read at least four different descriptions of the weather this winter and what is expected this spring, I am going to give you a quick fun fact instead to get you started.  Then we will dig into Energy!

Did you know the ISS (International Space Station) is going to be decommissioned and sent to a slow crash to the earth.  It was first dreamed up in 1984, launched in 1998, and then slowly built on for the past 26 years.  The ISS has been home to over 250 crew members and 20 countries were involved in its service. Now it has outlived its life and structural stresses are slowing tearing it apart.  NASA says it will start the process to decommission in 2026 and final entry and debris recovery will happen in 2031.  What a way to Crash and Burn!    

Energy at a Glance:

  • Propane prices did go up mid-January with the cold snap for several weeks and low inventories across the nation.  5.3 million gallon draw on propane stateside has kept prices from falling but also keeps it from floating too much higher.  Propane has been detached from the daily volatility of Crude oil over the past couple months.  67% of LP production goes overseas to exports.  This ebb and flow may affect prices more than anything, as we are seeing regionally now.   

  • Propane Monitors: A successful program to our customers is the use of the Neevo propane tank monitors. These are a cell phone connected digital tank level monitors telling the customer and our staff your propane levels.  This is a no charge service we offer to our automatic customers.  If you are interested in seeing your tank levels anywhere at any time and allow us to keep you from running out of propane, give us a call at the office for more details.
  • Diesel and Gas continue to be volatile.  Future contract prices are very elevated and the best time to get fuel looks to be now.  If you have room for fuel, you may want to seriously consider filling up or topping off your tanks for spring and summer.  Could there be a larger price drop in fuels and crude?  There is always that possibility, but with spring coming, future prices high, World Geopolitical events very unstable, and refinery maintenance scheduled from April to May, I think there is more pressure for the upside as we move forward.  Just this week (Feb 8th) we saw local rack prices rise as much as .26c in a three-day period.  This may be the new normal. 

  • Contact your CES for updates on Fuel prices and market trends!  Savanna Meier & Wendy Halloran. 
  • Lubricants:  The annual Oil Sale goes from now until Feb 29th.  This a staple here at SWG and it runs the same time each year.  It corresponds with Cenex’s Gift cards for gallons, which is a $50 Visa card for every 100 gal of qualifying oils during this time period.  Get with Savanna, Wendy, Nick, or myself for more details.  This is the best time of the year to purchase your lubricant needs.

  • Fuel Tanks and Pumps: We have a very good supply of tanks and pumps in stock.  From 500, 1000 to 2000 gal tanks.  Pumps range from 115v 20 gpm and 35gpm pumps to 12v 25gpm pumps and combo.  Do not let those old Gas Boy pumps break on you when you are in the middle of spring planting or Harvest.  Check in at the store and see what model is best for you and your operation. 

Thank you for your Patronage and feel free to call the office with any questions you may have. 

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