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Hello from Richardton!

Shayna Dressler, Operations Supervisor

It’s finally spring, and here in Richardton we could not be more thrilled! We hope the long winter was not too hard on you. We are looking forward to enjoying the upcoming warmer months.

With the warmer weather approaching, it is time to think about fly control in your cattle. We offer a variety of Smartlic tubs and Payback mineral with IGR to help fight off those pesky horn flies. This year we are incorporating Zinpro Availa4 trace minerals into our IGR mineral package. Availa4 aids in reducing stress and immune challenges and can help increase your calves’ weaning weight by up to 28 pounds. In addition to the weaning weight benefits, Availa4 can also help reduce hoof disorders in both pasture and dry lot cattle by up to 30%. All these advantages, as well as improved eye health, increased carcass weight, and reduced mortality make switching to Zinpro Availa4 mineral an easy choice! Call Symonne with any questions at (701) 974-3831.

Agronomy season is now in full swing. We are looking forward to servicing all your planting and spraying needs. We are ready to fill fertilizer, and we have 2 spreaders available to rent for your convenience. We are stocked up on chemical, and if you’re looking for something we don’t have on hand, we are happy to do our best to get it in for you. We have plenty of bulk RT3, with shuttles available to fill. Give Sadia a call at (701) 974-3831 with any agronomy questions.

We are now offering delivery options on feed and chemical. Give us a call to find out more. We wish all our customers a prosperous spring, and we thank you for your continued business!

Shayna Dressler,
Operations Supervisor

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