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Good feed produces good cattle

Larry Doerr, Manager Southwest Grain Reeder
Larry Doerr, Manager Southwest Grain Reeder

We are watching the fields ripen up the last couple of weeks. High temps and no rain are helping things along. Harvest won’t be long now. As I write this, we are lucky to have received no hail in the area.

When you look at all the bales out there it makes one wonder if they will all get into the hay yard before the snow flies. This was a great year to replenish the stock. If you are interested in getting any hay analyzed, we have a couple of hay probes here that you can use, and we will send the sample off, so you know what you have. We can also come out and probe the bales for you if you’d like. Good feed will get those cattle in good condition for the calving season. Along with that, we have a good selection of fly regulator products for you to take advantage of. From loose mineral or tubs to the salt containing garlic that will help keep the flies off your cattle. We have this available in blocks and loose salt.

We have kept busy with the creep feed truck as always. We have a couple of feeders here if you are interested in doing that this year. As the grass loses some of its appeal to the calves, they will turn to creep feed and will put extra pounds on before weening. There have been some water samples coming back that are not what we want your cattle to be drinking. If your herd is depending on a water source that you question, call and we can take a sample and get it analyzed, sometimes on the spot. This will help you be comfortable that you have good water for the cattle. With the minimal rain- fall lately, if your livestock is depending on standing water, we need to get it tested.

The best time to sample the soil is right behind the combine so get your name on the list and we will get to you as fast as we can. Fertilizer recommendations are a big part of our business and that begins with the soil test. Let’s see what our team can do for you. Our fiscal year is ending soon, and I would like to thank all of you for your business this last year. You have helped us to another successful year. Also, a big thank you to the employees here at Southwest Grain Reeder. They work hard to help you in any way we can. Harvest is a busy time so don’t forget the important things: Stay safe and take care of yourself and we will all be here when our new year starts in September.

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