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Mineral in Cattle is the Foundation to a Healthy, Profitable Herd

Sarah Thompson, Field Consultant Lemmon Terminal

Zinpro Performance minerals offers a trace mineral package called Availa 4. These Research based trace minerals have the highest absorption rates on the market. The 1:1 mineral to amino acid complex bond makes this a unique and very effective mineral. This bond is stable in the rumen and cannot be tied up by antagonist like sulfur in our water or molybdenum in your forages. Once these minerals reach the small intestine the 1:1 bond is easily broken down and absorbed into the blood stream and quickly gets to work. Benefits of Availa 4 mineral are…

1. Reproduction: Calving is a very stressful and nutritionally demanding time for cows. You as producers can only make money if our cows breed back in a timely manner. By offering a Availa 4 mineral program you are providing your cattle with quality micro and macro minerals along with vitamins that are important in reproduction. When cattle are mineral deficient you will see decrease conception rates and shave more 2nd and 3rd cycle calves and some cattle may need back at all.

2. Healthy Immune System: Cattle that are offered a Availa 4 mineral program with highly bioavailable trace minerals have quicker more effective response to vaccines which yields stronger immune system to fight off illness.

3. Hoof Health: In the past few years we have seen a significant amount of hoof rot cases during the summer on pasture. Zinc and iodine are very important in hoof health and skin integrity. Many producers suffer financial losses with summer foot rot cases.

Having adequate Availa zinc in your mineral can help decrease cases of hoof rot. This in turn saves money by having less treatment cost and less time spent treating. Keep the hooves healthy, keep them moving throughout the pasture, grazing, and breeding.

Things to be aware of…

Salt Content: Salt in your mineral is not always a bad things but paying high dollar for mineral that contains 25% salt is not necessarily doing your cattle or your pocket book any favors. We recommend offering salt separately, so your cattle are not over consuming your mineral just to get their salt requirements filled. Salt is often used by producers to control consumption. I understand your frustration when your cattle are overeating mineral day after day and all you can see is your money disappearing.

If you decide to mix 50% mineral with 50% salt remember you are diluting the minerals and vitamins your cattle need. So, if your mineral has a 2-3oz feeding rate your mineral/salt combo feeding rate should now go up to 4-6oz per day giving them 2-3oz of mineral and 2-3oz of salt.

Price vs Cost (The price is what you pay per bag or ton when you pick up your mineral vs the cost which is what it cost you per head per day to provide it to your cattle)

Example: Summer Mineral Ultramin Elite 12-3+ Prices & Mineral Options will vary by location Price = $34.44/50# =$1377.60/ton (feeding rate is 2-3 oz/hd/day)
50 pounds = 800 ounces
$34.44 divided by 800 = $0.043/ounce of mineral
2-3 oz/hd/day = $0.086 – $0.129/hd/day

Example: Brand X
Price = $32.56/50# = $1302.40/ton (feeding rate is 4 oz/hd/day)
50 pounds = 800 ounces
$32.56 divided by 800 ounces = $0.041/ounce of mineral
4 oz/hd/day = $.164/hd/day

Not all minerals are created equal and there is not a mineral available on the market that will fit your cattle’s need every season of the year. If you are noticing your cattle either overeat mineral or not at all, please reach out and we can work together to make adjustments to level them out. Let us help you provide mineral to you cattle without breaking the bank!

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