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Supplementation required

Sarah Thompson, Field Consultant Lemmon Terminal

As we enter fall, we look at options to extend our grazing. You may have pastures with grass that has dried down, corn stalks, or something else that you would like to utilize for grazing during the fall and winter months. For many of these options the forage is dried and lacking vitamins, minerals, and protein, and is high in lignin. The lignin makes it very hard for cattle to break down and utilize the forage. These types of forages require a protein, mineral, and vitamin supplementation. The protein feeds the rumen’s bugs which helps break down and digest that rigid and woody forage. Without active and healthy rumen bugs, the fiber cannot be fully digested, and it will start to pass through the cattle in their feces. Have you ever noticed you cattle’s poop start to stack up and not spread out like a normal cow pie? If so, that is the fiber passing through undigested. The cattle can ingest it, but not break it down to utilize it. If this goes on for too long, you will start to notice your cattle losing condition.

Let SWG help! There are many options for protein, mineral, and vitamin supplementation during the late grazing season and winter months.

Smartlic: Nutritionally engineered tubs to meet all your cattle’s needs

  1. Variety of protein tubs to fit your needs
  2. Include the daily minerals and vitamins
  3. Labor savings
  4. Helps utilize area of the pasture that they would be less likely to visit

Payback: Three different products that provide protein and minerals to your herd.

  • Opti-Pro Range 80 chelated is a loose mineral
    • Free choice mineral with 80% protein
    • Safe slow-release Urea
    • Payback Liquid feed
      • Forager Liquid is designed for grazing
      • Lick tanks for free choice feeding
      • Pouring bales prior for feeding or grinding
      • Increase palatability & nutrition content
    • Payback cake products
      • Provide extra protein & minerals
      • Use to replace forage
      • Great way to fill in the nutritional gaps

It is our goal to help our livestock producers effectively utilize what feeding products they have and to ensure the health and longevity of their cattle and their operation.

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