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Agronomy update

John LeMieux, Manager Dickinson Agronomy

What a difference a year makes! So very blessed to have the moisture this year – even if it took a couple of back-to-back nasty snowstorms to make it happen. Crops for the most part are looking very good and harvest getting started. Initial reports are good quality and yields. Hope that will hold true for all of it. Airplanes have been busy taking care of sunflower bugs – and grasshoppers. It’s been a good year for hoppers and I’m afraid they will haunt us till freeze up.

It’s been a challenging year with high fertilizer prices/logistics and supply. Our sales are down due to coming drought last year and carry over. Also, there was just some plain push back due to higher cost. The crop protection side of the business has been more of a headache with supply constraints and ever-changing prices. We are blessed with some great employees that help with the forecasting and interchanging products that are in short supply.

We witnessed a slight drop in nitrogen prices looking towards fall. While most everything else is staying fairly flat. The future suggests more volatility with unrest overseas and high natural gas prices. We have laid in some product for winter wheat and fall application, so we are hopeful for continued moisture.

Harvest is upon on us. Stay safe. Thanks for the business!

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