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Calf Creep… Why?

Heather Dykins, CHS Nutrition Consultant

It may not be the summer yet, but we need to start talking about calf creep and its benefits! Creep feed not only provides added pounds, but also has many other benefits that you might not have considered. Payback creep feed is high in fiber and very palatable. It is made from only the highest quality ingredients and never includes screenings. This formulation works well with their digestion system, complimenting the calves on pasture to keep them healthy and growing. A benefit that we might not talk about enough is saving grass. Calves on creep feed will eat 40% less grass, so for every 5-6 calves on creep you will save enough pasture for 1 cow. Increased immunity is another benefit. The highly absorbable trace minerals the calves will receive through the creep will help increase their response to vaccines and allow them to fight off illnesses faster and more efficiently. By relieving some pressure on the momma cow, she will be in better shape for re-breeding and have better body condition headed into the fall/winter. Lastly, calves fed Payback creep feed go on feed faster at weaning time which will decrease morbidity and mortality. Whether you sell off the cow or background your calves, Payback creep feed has a place in your operation. Contact myself or your SWG location to see how calf creep can help you!

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Have a safe spring and summer (It’s finally here)!!!

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