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Energy Division Report

Jim Renke, Manager Energy Division

Hello to everyone from all of us in the Petroleum Department!  As I write this update winter is taking a welcome break with temperatures in the 40’s.  What a difference than this time last year!

Propane pricing remained slightly below last year and currently looks to stay that way for now.  Inventories are more on the upper side of the five-year average vs. last year at this time when they were at the bottom of the five-year average.  For those of you who bought a LP Contract this year, it continues to be a very good value and saving customers a substantial amount of money.

Laurel, Montana is the primary refinery for our local supply.  They will be performing maintenance on the refinery starting the end of March to the beginning May.  The supply output will be reduced during that time period.  Consider visiting with our staff to discuss getting your fuel delivered before the spring rush and avoid the possibility of not getting your product in a timely manner.  Lemmon area customers can call Barb at 605 374-3301 and customers in the North areas can call the Dickinson Energy office at 701 483-5157 or you can call our sales staff:  Jared at 701 260-5235 or Savanna at 701 260-6415


*The cost of a New and Used TPP warranty is $799 each.

*There are $200 in rebates with warranty activation.

*New Warranty covers 10,000 hours or 10 years of coverage.

*Used Warranty covers 8,000 hours and 8 years of coverage. 

*The equipment Horsepower is 50HP per machine.

Warranties provide excellent value and can ride on top and beyond the OEM’s factory warranties.  If you would like more information on how to protect your farm equipment, please call Jared or Savanna, our Certified Energy Specialists, to go over the program details.


Question:  What are the six tasks of your engine oil?

  1. Reduce friction and wear – lubricate
  2. Carry away heat
  3. Disperse contaminants
  4. Protect against rust
  5. Control deposit formation
  6. Resist the attempts of heat and oxygen to change its properties.

Question:  What problems can occur when a bearing is lubricated with too much oil or grease
Answer:  Higher energy consumption with oil/grease operating temperature, short lubricant life, and thinning oil film thickness.

Question:  What are the main factors that promote chemical degradation of lubricants?
Answer:  Air (oxygen), elevated temperatures, metals, and water.

The whole staff of Southwest Grain Petroleum would like to thank you for all your support in the past and look forward to working with you into the future.

Thank you!

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