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Foot Rot and Pink Eye

Heather Dykins, CHS Nutrition Consultant

I am hearing a lot of issues with foot rot and pink eye this year.  I would like to talk about a couple things we have to help reduce the amount of treatment you are doing and ways we can help prevent.

  1. Ultramin Elite Mineral
    • If you have not jumped onto the Availa 4 train, IT IS TIME!
    • Availa 4 is a patented chelate of the zinc, copper, manganese, and cobalt from Zinpro Trace Minerals.  We have talked about it in past articles and here I am talking about it again, but it is that good!  With the Elite mineral you can decrease foot rot by 30% among many other benefits that comes with it.
  2. IGR – horn flies carry the viruses that cause pinkeye, so preventing them from reproducing is key to deceasing your pinkeye problems.  This has no harm on the dung beetle and there are many other benefits to it too.
    • Key to IGR working – get it out early and use it every year!

Cost Breakdown (average costs – may vary):

  • Elite Mineral – 2-3 oz feeding rate = $0.11- $0.13/hd/day (The step up Availa 4 package adds 1 penny/hd/day to mineral)
  • IGR – $0.03-0.05/hd/day and the average fly season is 210 days = $10.50/hd/season
  • Draaxin – $3/cc – 15-16 cc per cow = $44/shot.
    • Darts – $8/10cc dart.
    • Overall cost per shot = Roughly $50-$55 (that’s more than a bag of mineral, rule of thumb = one bag of mineral per cow per year)

With Payback mineral we can be very proactive, instead of being reactive.  This saves you money and time with less treating.

Remember: They must eat the mineral for it to work! Call us today if you are worried about consumption and we can help you out and make sure you are on the right mineral program 😊

As always, thank you for your business.
Always here to help!

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