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Harvest begins!

Kevin Lien, Manager Boyle Terminal

As we are starting harvest this year, we have plenty of room for spring wheat. Winter wheat is coming in and the quality is very good. Spring wheat is just beginning, and we have not seen much yet. As harvest ramps up, we will text out our harvest hours, have them on our reader board by the probe, and post on the website. When you swipe your card at the probe your name and application will come up (contract, spot, or delayed price). If you want it changed, pick up the phone in the red box and we will change it for you and save it to that card. We have to change it on each card if you have more than one truck running. This also applies to splits on your tickets. The splits will not show up on the reader board but once they are changed they will stay the same until you let us know. When custom harvesters haul in, we can get them a card, but they need to know the application type and the splits. We can change your application type and save it by just letting us know at the probe. If you have any questions, please call us in the driveway, 701-483-6201.

At the Dickinson Durum Terminal, we also have plenty of room for Durum. We are still waiting for a leg pully for one unloading leg. As most of you know some parts are taking longer to get but hopefully that will be installed before harvest.

Carson Hirsch

We have a new employee at the Taylor Terminal, Carson Hirsch. Carson moved here from Selby, SD. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and target shooting. Please welcome him to our team.

Have a safe harvest season.

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