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Winter propane contracts

Jim Renke, Manager Energy Division

Hello to everyone from the Energy Department! I am writing this letter on August 10th, and the following information is what I see today. It may be completely different by the time this newsletter hits your mailbox.

Our annual Propane Summer fill program has ended. If you were not filled and would like to take advantage of summer pricing, please call the SWG service center closest to you and place your order before winter pricing takes effect.

We are again offering winter propane contracts. If you would like to partake in a contract, please call one of our sales staff for more information. Jared (701 260-5235), Savanna (701 260-6415), or the Dickinson office (701 483-5157). For Lemmon Patrons, you can also call Barb at (605 374-3301) and she would be happy to help you.

Harvest is getting underway which creates a very busy time for all. Fuel drivers please think ahead about your fuel needs and call in your order before you run out. We will do everything we can to get it to you promptly but if everyone calls at once you may have to wait a day or two.

The gasoline market has softened up a lot for much needed price relief at the pump. Going forward we should see continued softening of gas, but diesel remains net short gallons based on prior years.

The entire Energy Department thanks you for your past, current, and future business. We wish you well this harvest season.

Thank you!

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