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Hello from Richardton!

Shayna Dressler, Operations Supervisor

We just finished our 2nd Annual Bale Decorating Contest! We would like to thank Mark and Judy Hoff for letting us borrow their straw bales. We would also like to thank all our participants; Dakota Community Bank and Trust, Amber Waves, Richardton Health Center, Suzy’s Stash, Stone Mill, RTHS Student Council, Stone Ag, Richardton Taylor Ambulance, and Sit-n-Bull Bar. We would like to congratulate our winning bale, decorated by Bartow Builders!

We are stocked up on high protein lick tubs for the winter, including NE-30’s and Hi-Pro 40’s. Don’t forget to bring back your empty lick tubs for $15 credit per tub! We are also approaching the liquid feed season. We offer Forager Pro 40 liquid in two options: regular and bio-mos.

We are offering soil testing (weather pending). Contact us to get your soil tested. By getting your soil tested and analyzed, we can pinpoint your exact fertilizer needs. Speaking of fertilizer, prepay is now available for dry fertilizer!

As always, we thank you for your continued business!

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