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Ready to Serve You!

Jeremy Imhoff, Manager Elgin SWG

Greetings from everyone at the Elgin Southwest Grain location. I hope everyone is well and staying safe in these unprecedented times. It looks like it is finally going to be spring. After the long winter, I think everyone is ready for some sunshine and warmth. We received plenty of snow this winter and maybe we will get a little more rain this spring, but with that said, we should have enough moisture in the ground to get us started. It looks like it will be a little later start to planting, just like last year, but I think we will get the crop in the ground quickly when it finally warms up.

With that said, we are ready to serve you with all your spring planting needs. We are filled up with all dry fertilizers and our blender is ready to go to work for you blending any mix you want. Just a little refresher, we carry Urea, Mesz, AMS, and Potash in bulk here on location. We also offer dry fertilizer delivery to the yard or field. In addition to that, we have four anhydrous plants in the surrounding area to serve you too. Here are the locations: right at the Elgin airport, right outside of Leith, north of New Leipzig, and south of New Leipzig along the highway 49. The supply chain seems to be opening a little more all the time and we are mostly back to normal with the supply of chemicals and fertilizers. Please feel free to give us a call at the office or you can call our Agronomist, Alexis Olson, to answer any of your agronomy questions.

Many people are still in the middle of calving. We have a large variety of ear tags and vaccines on hand. We also have an array of protein and mineral tubs along with different begged. FYI, we still have bulk calf creep and cow cake here on location to be picked up or delivered to the farm. We will have creep and tubs available for bookings for the summer months. We are working on a creep feed booking day, but it has been tough to get something nailed down. If you are interested in booking any tubs or creep before we have a booking day you can give Kristine Koepplin a call or call us here and we can help you with any questions you may have. If you are looking for any millet or sorghum for your haying needs, we have that available too. One last note, we also have some varieties of net wrap and twine on hand to assist you when it is time to roll up some bales.

The last thing I will talk about today is soon it will be time for summer fill for your home heating needs. I know a lot of us are still using our furnaces yet, but a person always has to look ahead. We will start summer fill at the end of May. If you have questions, please call, and talk to Karen. We have a large assortment of oil, grease, and DEF on hand. We have them in packages from quarts to 55-gallon drums. Please stop in and check it out. Lastly, when we dry out here, it will be a shotgun start to get the crop in. Everyone please stay safe and have a great spring. Remember we are here to help with any of your needs.

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