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Hello From Richardton!

Shayna Dressler, Operations Supervisor SWG Richardton

We have a new face in the store. Sadia Zafar joined us at the end of May as our new Agronomy Sales Representative. Sadia is a recent North Dakota State University graduate, and she is eager to help with any agronomy needs. Stop in or give her a call!

Sadia Zafar

We would like to remind all our feed customers that we are offering our creep feed contracted price through September. Pick up your creep feed by September 30th to receive our best price available.

We reached the time of year where fly control is so important. We are fully stocked on a variety of lick tubs, salt, and mineral with garlic or altosid. Call or stop in so we can get your flies under control!

As always, we thank you for your continued business.

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